Community Coop

This page is for anyone who has something they wish to buy, sell, trade, give away or barter.  It is also for people who may be looking for something, or looking for someone to help them with something.

This page is set up on the honor system and the host makes and takes no responsibility or liability for the accuracey, useability, condition, or damage resulting from items posted herein.

To add a listing on this page, simply click on the word 'Comment' and type your listing.  Or you may click on and send us an e-mail to have your listing posted.  Please include your Name, Phone Number, e-mail address, and any other information which may be helpful to others.  We reserve the right to refuse to post anything we deem objectionable, unreliable, or in any way denigrates the integrity of this blog or its host.


  1. The Oxford Food Pantry helps many people in our community. Right now, the Pantry is low on critical food items. Every type of nonpersishable food item is most welcome, including paper and cleaning products. If you would like to help in this ministry, please contact us at, or drop your items off at the church. Thank you and God Bless.

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  3. The Oxford Food Pantry is in need of shelving. If you can help in this area, please let Pastor Eldon know.